Lightning is recognized to strike approximately 1 million times every day all over the world and every bright bolt it gives is a major danger to trees nearby. Your tree could easily become prone to damages caused by lightning. If this happens, you need to contact a reliable tree removal company to examine the damage right away.  

Take note that the damage caused by lightning is basically slow. Your tree might endure the storm just to lose half of its leaves the following season to come. This could be an indication of decay. Proven to be a risk to your tree’s safety. It would be best to have a tree removal service by the professionals to assess your tree as soon as possible. 

Actions to take once your tree got struck by lightning 

If you can see any hanging or broken branches, you have to remove them first since they could usually fall over and it can destroy your home or risk the lives of the people below. If the branches appear too big, you must need a professional arborist to see the situation and do the job. Each tree that gets hit by lightning doesn’t need to be removed or cut down. A certified tree expert will check the tree to measure how damaged it has become. 

Indicators of lightning damage 

Damage caused by lightning could be subtle and slowly gets worse. But a lot of the indicators are easy to determine and only an experienced eye could make them out pretty easily. Lightning can damage the layer below the bark. For weeks, the struck tree could appear to be fine and normal and even after a couple of months before it slowly deteriorates. There are also times when a tree dies immediately after a storm. Too much lightning damage might display signs such as: 

Crack or split that runs down the trunk 

Sparse or wilted leaves 

Burned or blackened bark 

Parts where chunks or bark is stripped  

Tips to protect your tree from being damaged by lightning 

During storms, lightning is pretty normal and since you cannot do something about this natural phenomenon, you can provide your garden or yard a helping hand by setting up a lightning protection system. These systems could be beneficial to divert any lightning bolts that come nearby away from the tree by providing it a secondary way to ground. 

Do all trees di after being struck by lightning? 

After a tree was struck by lightning, a tree does not really die immediately. There are instances when trees uphold the damage with a bit of care. But this depends on your tree’s location, species, health, and age. Aside from that, a tree that overcomes the harshness of lightning might still be destructed from the wound. This could result in exposure to pathogens and infesting insects that can weaken the affected tree in the long run. To know more topics about trees, just visit Tree Services PP for All Tree Services in Pembroke Pines.