It is important for both good your bottom line and the image of your business to maintain your asphalt paving. Once left unnoticed, minor damage could damage your paving more and this could lead to expensive and thorough repair—or worse—you might need to replace it entirely. To guarantee that you can utilize your pavement as long as you want, check out the most typical signs that your asphalt requires to be checked by an expert: 



It is totally usual for pavements to crack, particularly in areas such as Waterloo and Kitchener, which have a cycle of freeze-thaw during spring and winter. While the water penetrates into the pavement and solidifies, it can make cracks that cause the existing cracks to get worse. Any number of cracking should be immediately inspected. However, the proper approach will depend on the crack’s severity. 

Take note that minor cracks could and must be repaired by a paving contractor before they will get worse. If your pavement has alligator cracks, which indicates extensive crack networks that appear similar to the scaly skin of an alligator, then there is a higher possibility that you need to replace your entire pavement surface due to fundamental destruction. 


This type of issue is both an eyesore and a safety risk. Similar to cracks, potholes are usually due to water that seeps below the pavement. Once it freezes, it displaces the soil as it expands, which leaves a space during springtime. Once the paving over the soil breaks down, it results in forming a hole.  

Potholes must be checked and repaired every year. Also, if you can see them all over your pavement, that only means that your foundation has become weaker and it should be redone right away. 

Pooling water 

Once the water usually makes puddles on your pavement, this only indicates that the surface is probably not leveled. If this is not taken action immediately, this water will turn out to create extreme structural damage by compromising the foundation and penetrating through the pavement. This can make your asphalt more prone to other damage types. Although it does not immediately mean that you need to have the entire thing resurfaced and redone. Enhancing the drainage to sidetrack the water from the pavement is usually sufficient.  

Faded surface 

Once the surface of your pavement changes from deep black to pale grey, it only signifies that your pavement has been damaged by exposure to chemicals and UV rays. Scheduling routine seal coating applications is one of the best ways to delay this. But, once you can see that the coatings do not work well anymore, perhaps it is best to have the entire structure resurfaced.  

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